J. Dane De Turk

Landscape Design

Remote Design Services

How It Works:

Phase I: Take pictures of your landscape and send them to us! Take note of what you want and what things you think you would like in your landscape. Do you have any home plans or a mortgage survey of your house? If so you may include those as well. The image below will give you an idea of where you should take pictures. Depending on your home site you may have unique elements that may require more pictures from different angles. You can email the pictures as attachments to xxxxx@email.com or send via text message to xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Picture Taking Locations

Phase II: We sketch! Upon receiving your pictures we will create an outline design that is not to scale. In this drawing there will be a series of dimension lines to denote the next step where you are to take measurements.

Phase III: You measure! We will send you our completed outline design where you take measurements for the dimensions referenced in the design and fill in the values. The image below shows how to record the measurements. There are many ways to go about taking and recording the measurements. You can have the rough design displayed on your phone and write out the values as you take the measurements. If you do so we recommend that you tape a sheet of paper to a piece of cardboard or use a clipboard if you have one as you will be outside and where writing surfaces are hard to come by. You will need a tape measure and if you also have a friend to help with the measurements that will speed up the process. When completed all you have to do is take a picture of your recorded measurements and send them to us. You may also record the information directly into your phone and send it to us.

Gathering Data

Phase IV: We design! We have all the information now and we will come up with your finished design and send you a digital copy as well as a physical copy through the mail. Below is a completed remote design that was created using the rough outline created by us and the measurements provided to us by the homeowner.

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