J. Dane De Turk

Landscape Design

Serving East Tennessee Knoxville and Chattanooga Areas

I am a landscape designer with over 20 years experience in landscape design and construction. If you are looking for a design and or consultation regarding your landscape; feel free to drop me a line or give me a ring. You may also fill out the contact form on this page. No job is too small and no job is too large. Often times new homeowners can get overwhelmed over the fact that they need help with their landscaping and the price tag for such a thing may be steep. But, when one has a design, they can do things incrementaly on their own and also hire out contractors for other facets of the project. I can help you break things down into phases and point you in the right direction if you would prefer a DIY approach or would like to go the route with a contractor. Below are a few pictures of some past work and some recently completed designs. Thank you for visiting and I look forward to engaging with you soon!

Terrace Elevation
Section elevation of patio and terrace - Lake Oswego, Oregon
Pond with stream and patio - Sweetwater, Tennessee
Rustic Patio
Patio with rustic basalt steps and boulders. Crape myrtle in foreground - Lake Oswego, Oregon
Courtyard Garden
12' x 24' courtyard garden. Design utilizes 2 japanese coralbark maples - Ann Arbor, Michigan
Mixed media rendered plan - Hillsboro, Oregon
River Birch
River Birch with Fothergilla in foreground - Ann Arbor, Michigan
Plan view of prarie house landscape with green roof and stream
Ashland Revision II
Composite view of landscape. Note American fringe tree as specimen - River Forest, Illinois
Stream Perspectives
Cascading stream with stone bridge and cedar deck. - Ann Arbor, Michigan
Stream Elevation
Stream elevation represents slope and depth of stream and pond.
Bluestone patio with boulder outcroppings and stream. - Ann Arbor, Michigan
Prairie House Plan Concept
Mixed media renderend plan view home with extensive green roof straddling stream
//.fix// prariehousecomposit
Prairie House composite view.
Water Feature Doodle
Plan view stream doodle
Deck with stream
Stone bridge over stream leading to deck - Ann Arbor, Michigan
Stream with stone bridge under construction - Northville, Michigan
Stream / Pond section elevation with detail of spring inlet assembly